SME Company IT Infrastructure and Server Requirements

The IT infrastructure for a business often includes:

When designing IT infrastructure, the following should be considered:

When dedicated servers in purpose-built data centres (including hot standby servers and automated fail-over mechanisms, and electrical generators for uninterruptable power supply), some reasons for a company to manage its own server include:

WebERP itself is well suited to a hosted server solution. WebERP has almost no client server load and minimal network traffic, typically needing only a reliable 2 MByte/second connection to the internet. If on-site file hosting is required, a dedicated NAS or Network Attached Storage device can often provide the solution (even when local servers are required for e-mail or and web application host, an applicance NAS device - often simply a Unix-like computer configured as a file server - is often still the best solution).

While the cost of setting up an on-site Unix-like server can seem deceptively low, factors to be considered when looking at hosted solutions include:

Against that - setting up a dedicated server is now ridiculously easy and "Superb Mini Server" is a pre build linux server distribution containing all the server software any business would ever need and webERP comes preinstalled!!
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