RMA - Return Merchandise Authorisation


To account for returns of stock to a supplier.
Where a list of outstanding returns can be maintained with the status of each, initiated, dispatched/picked up, credit note received and completed. The process should:

CR Goods Received Suspense - at the same value as held in the RMA record.
DR/CR any variance compared to the actual credit note entered vs the RMA record cost.
DR Creditors - from the company record account - as with a normal credit note.

The Goods Received suspense report will need to be modified to list all RMAs that have not yet had a credit note from the supplier - to be able to reconcile the goods received suspense account.

Proposed Structure

New tables for:

rmas {
returnid INT,
supplierid varchar(10) foriegn key suppliers,
narrative_supplier text,
narrative_internal text,
supplierref varchar(20),
initiator foreign key www_users
dateinitiated date,
shipper foreign key shippers,
consignmentref varchar(40)

rmadetails {
returnid INT,
stockid varchar(20),
cost float,
quantity float,
supptransid INT,
status TINYINT,
narrative TEXT

We will need a form similar but much simpler to the order entry screen to allow entry of the supplier and selection of items to be sent back. It should check that the goods previously came from the supplier! Also entry of the story why being sent back - perhaps an external story and an internal story as two separate fields. The supplier's RMA reference and how it was, is to be shipped back and the shipment consignment reference for tracking.

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