Multi-Company Consolidation

Multi-companies are dealt with by each company having it's own database inside webERP.

Consolidation is not simply a case of adding together the chart of accounts of multiple companies. Consolidation adjustments relating to:

To add to the complexity, the calculation of minority interests and handling of associate companies. What about subsidiaries that account in different currencies, the consolidation system would need to retain information about the average exchange rate over the period and the month end rates then handle the exchange differences.

It needs a system developed that can take references to several webERP databases and handle the mapping of intercompany loans between companies and the corresponding debtor in the other group company. The mapping of intercompany purchases/sales in the other company.
The mapping of financial periods between companies.

The consolidation system needs to retain a map of the group structure. It follows that the consolidation system would sit outside the single company webERP database as it needs to contain the information to pull the data from many webERP databases.

This would be an exceedingly complex project!!!
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