After finishing my Bachelors Degree in Accounting at UT in Austin, I went to work for my father at a trucking company in Dallas. We became successful as the first Dallas-Fort Worth local carrier with computers.

In 1978, I co-founded Four Brothers Outdoor Power in Royse City, Texas. Four Brothers still rely on computers to control and move inventory. Selling my share in 1988, I began my computer consulting business with friends, former competitors, and neighbors as clients.

Having bought computers and services for 2 small businesses, and consulting with dozens of others, I have an understanding of small business. When you are trying to grow your business, you need real solutions that do not break the bank.

As a small businessman, unable to find inexpensive real solutions, I developed the skills to create the solutions relying on free open source software.

Philosophy: Few businesses can excel without the competitive edge that computers provide. It is not enough to have computers sitting there. Having a plan is essential. Click Joomla Mo-Integration King for my plan.

I assist my clients in setting up and promoting their Joomla web sites. I have several Joomla extensions integrated with webERP including a shopping cart.

Network servers with open source solutions like Linux, do not cost thousands of dollars. That is because the software is free! For the price of an enhanced PC, you can have network storage, a web server, and an email server. It is often less expensive to host your own web site and email than to have an outside service.

Low cost solutions are our specialty. Weberp is the perfect fit.
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