Glossary Of Abbreviations And Expressions Used By webERP

PO - purchase order

AR - Accounts Receivable

TB - Trial Balance

GL - General Ledger

Ref - Reference

Orig - Original

BOM - Bill Of Materials

Effective after/To -
This is for Bills Of Material that are set to change from a date - the component is said to be effective to and the new component is effective after the date

Kit Set or Assembly or Kit part -
There is a section on the manual on these - its not easy to explain in a few words. I'll try ... Kit set explodes into a number of components at the order entry time - its like a short cut to entering several parts by just entering one - the kit-set. Assembly is a single part that takes the components required to assemble it from stock at the time of invoice entry and has no stock itself.

COGS Account - Cost of Goods Sold

Excl Tax - Excluding Tax

Incl Tax - Including Tax

qty - Quantity

Trans - Transaction

Act Transfer - Account Transfer

Address to HO - Address to Head Office

Ex Rate - Exchange Rate

Alloc - Allocate

TOTAL Excl Tax/Freight - Total Excluding Tax and Freight

The EANCOM Standard - see

Action auth - Action Authorised

Cust Order - Customer Order

Req Del Date - Required Delivery Date

Radio Beacon -
A type of software for warehouse management that webERP can create orders for.

Balance C/Fwd - Balance Carried Forward

P/L or B/S - Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet

Enter Serial Nos - Enter Serial Numbers

A GRN record - A Goods Received Note record

the purchase GLTrans record - the purchase General Ledger Transaction record

Cost diff on - Cost difference on

Prev std - Previous standard cost

CSV Format - Comma Separated Values Format

GST Reports - Goods and Services Tax Reports

th -

NB Locations records -
NB = Nota Bene (Latin abbreviation meaning Note Well - or Attention)

but the sum of OvAmount converted at ExRate -
The sum of the overseas currency amount converted at the exchange rate

Ov Amt - Overseas currency amount

Tot Allcns - Total allocations

Deliveries ex - Deliveries sent from

MTD - Month To Date

ms stk - Months Stock

Sugg Ord - Suggested Order

Supp - Supplier

Ph - Phone

DIFOT - Delivery In Full On Time

GP - Gross Profit

BOL - Bill Of Lading

Ord Qty - Order Quantity

Qty Recd - Quantity Received

Qty Inv - Quantity Invoiced

Ord Price - Order Price

Chg Price - Charged Price

Reqd Date - Required Date

E.g. - For Example

our UOM - Our Unit Of Measure

Col - Column

Calc - Calulcation

Prd From/TO - Period From or To

Comm Rate 1 - Commission Rate 1

Times p.a. - Times per annum (per year)

Disp. Note - Dispatch Note

QOH - Quantity On Hand

HAWB in the case of air-freight - House Airway Bill in the case of air-freight

Std Cost - Standard cost

Cat Code - (Stock) Category Code

Adjts GL - Adjustments General Ledger (Account)

WIP GL - Work In Progress General Ledger (Account)

Qty Yet - Quantitiy Yet

Exch diff - Exchange differences

price var - Price Variances

Seq - Sequence

Inv - Invoice

NZ account numbers -

ANZ branches -

Westpac Trust branches -

Starting Reference no (eg chq no) -

FBT - Fringe Benefit Tax

WC Code - Work Centre Code

Identify Allocation Stuff Ups -

Make LocStock Records - Make Location Stock Records

Qty left - Quantity Left

Wrk Cntr - Work Centre

Locn - Location

FX - Foreign Exchange

Inv Date - Invoice Date

Splr Ords -Supplier Orders

Prev Dels - Previous Deliveries

Loc - Location

Ex Diff - Exchange Difference

B/Fwd - Brought Forward
Brought Forward balance is the balance as at the end of the previous period

C/Fwd - Carried Forward
Carried forward balance is the balance at the end of the current period

w/down - write down
w/down is short for write down or write off (scrap) and take off any value associated with the asset.

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