Guide To Set Up Discounts

webERP has a system called a discount matrix which allows any group of products to be defined and discounts applicable to all items of the group to be set up just once for the whole group of items. Different discounts can be applied to the "discount group" for each sales type (price list).

To define the grouping of products:

Select an item that you wish to have a discount structure applied to it - using the "Select Item" link. Under the "Item Maintenance" section click on "Maintain Discount Category".

If there are no currently available discount categories then enter a discount category code - otherwise select the discount category that you wish to allocate the item to.

New Discount Category

You can now search for additional items and add as many items to the discount group as you wish from this screen.

Having created the discount group you can now administer the discount rates applicable to this group of items.

From the main menu go to -> Setup -> Receivables/Payables section -> Discount Matrix

Maintain Discount Matrix

This form allows you to select any of the discount groups defined above and any sales type (price list)and then enter any quantity break and discount applicable given the quantity break - if the discount is applicable for all sales then enter a quantity break of 1
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