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=====What Is webERP?=====
webERP is an open-source web-based [[ ERP]] system.

webERP is a complete web based accounting and business management system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of [[WeberpFeatures | features]] suitable for many businesses particularly distributed businesses in wholesale, distribution and manufacturing. With the addition of [[ third party complementary components]] for a customer shopping cart or an interactive Point of Sale system, it can also function as a web-shop or Retail Management System. It is developed as an open-source application and is available as a free download to use. The feature set is continually expanding as new businesses and developers adopt it.

There are thousands of downloads every month.

The growth of webERP adoption has been entirely through word of mouth testimony - there has never been a marketing or advertising push to "sell" webERP. Of course there are no funds nor commercial incentive to do so for free software. This growth is built on reputation and solid practical functionality that works as tried and tested by an increasing number of businesses.

The ProjectGoals have consistently underpinned development since the project's inception in 2003.

====Cloud Computing====
The concept of "cloud computing" where the application can live anywhere on the internet and be delivered to the business through "the cloud" has become THE buzz-word "du jour" and the benefits are now widely understood. "Cloud computing" has been a reality for webERP adopters since 2003 and demonstrates just how far ahead of it's time it was when first released. Users have enjoyed the benefits of fast access from anywhere, anytime and saved the significant costs of server purchase, maintenance and administration for many years already!

====Why webERP?====
~-There are no fees associated with using the system.

~-There is competition between service providers to provide the best and most cost effective support.

~-Service providers are more readily available because the availability of the source code enables those with PHP knowledge (the web-programming language used by webERP) to be able to identify exactly what processing is performed by the system.

~-The source code is not available with proprietary systems, sometimes not even to licensed support providers - they need to communicate back to the software vendor for a response. With the information available to support people, even within the business, the quality of the support is logically, likely to be better.

~-The software can be made to perform exactly as the business requires it to without breaking the bank.

~-webERP has a wide variety of features suitable for managing businesses of many differing forms. From the face of a simple menu structure, complex business processes are easily accessible - such as multiple inventory locations, multiple currencies, lot and serial number tracking of inventory - see [[WeberpFeatures | Features]]

~-All features are integrated with each other. Inputs are required just once. Everywhere the change is propagated across the system.
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