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webERP Administration and Roadmaps

As with most open source projects, help is provided voluntarily and on the clear understanding that the developers or project managers are NOT responsible for your installation. The software is offered and used without warranty etc as per the GPL version 2.

Suggestions for improvement are certainly encouraged but most of all we welcome development work done in accordance with the ContributingtowebERP development guidelines against the latest SVN code. Bringing development work in that was made against older code is more difficult and if you wish to be in a position to use later versions of webERP with the new functionality made available with each release it pays to be pro-active in donating the development work you've done back to the project.

Development Philosophy - Road Map

Many open source projects have a development road map which determines where the focus of the developers will be in future. However, webERP is now a mature system, offering a highly functional ERP system.

The road for webERP development has now opened up and can take a varied route depending on what functionality businesses wish to sponsor. If you have a road-map for development you require and are prepared to sponsor - then webERP developers are keen to work with you to develop the systems you need.

All development work that is donated to the project will be included provided it does not compromise the ContributingtowebERP goals of the project and coding conventions - if it compromises the coding conventions then it may take some work to bring it inline with the existing code base. Also, code that duplicates existing functionality will not be included.
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