As an open-source application, the choice for support are extensive. Free support is available provided there are volunteers to offer it. Developers and users frequent the mailing list and forum and if you have specific questions illustrating your issue or what you wish to acheive asking your question on either the mailing list or forum will provide the answers you need. However, if you are using webERP and need the backing and guaranttee of a response within a reasonable time-frame then commercial support is also available from a number of providers. webERP cannot endorse any particular commercial support provider, although many of the developers and contributors are actively engaged in businesses that support webERP. Supporting the developers of webERP would naturally be in the interests of the project.

Mailing Lists

The combined knowledge of the subscribers to the webERP mailing lists are the best places to inquire about any issue you may have with using or developing webERP. The users archives and developer archives of the mailing lists already contains many, many answers that you can easily search.
User Mailing List Archives
Developers Mailing List Archives
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Web Forum

If you prefer a web based forum to a mailing list, there is also a web-based forum for discussion and exchange of information.
webERP Forum
The mailing list can also be accessed via the nabble forum that takes the mailing list posts and puts them into a web-based forum - many casual inquirers prefer the convenience of a forum. The search facilities on the nabble forum may be better than the sourceforge list archives search.
webERP Nabble Forum of Mailing List Postings

Online Manual

The manual is also an excellent source of information on how webERP works. It is available from the manual link inside any webERP installation. The online demo also contains the manual.
webERP Manual
webERP Demo

Commercial Support

Several companies offer commercial support which may be preferable for many businesses who need responses in an agreed time-frame.

webERP cannot endorse any particular support company, preferring to stay independent from any commercial activity. However, developers that are actively contributing to the project are clearly in the best position to provide the best service and are noted in the list below. Your support for these individuals ensures their continuing commitment to webERP. The list below is provided for your convenience but without warranty or recommendation: