webERP Wiki

The old webERP web site was a wiki and there is a lot of information there about webERP including some how-tos and development specficiations for functionality that has been completed and some that has not been developed. This information is preserved here for those interested

LAMP stack installer with webERP installerSoftaculous AMPPS

AMPPS is a WAMP, MAMP and LAMP stack of Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl & Python.

AMPPS enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them.

With AMPPS you can be up and going with webERP installing with only a few clicks and any one or more of the other 336 Apps.

Superb Mini Server

Superb Mini Server is a linux distribution (based on Slackware) that comes complete with webERP and all the software to run it out of the box with no additional configuration. As well as apache web-server, php and mysql database it also comes with email servers with anti-virus and spam filtering, a proxy server (squid), file sharing samba and a host of other software suitable for running a small business out of the box. It doesn't have the overhead of a traditional GUI at all as the server is configurable entirely using the webmin web-interface.

Counter Logic Point Of Sale

This is an interactive windows desktop Point Of Sale system that gets all it's data from webERP and works with a barcode scanner, receipt printer and automatic cash drawer to present an efficient customer facing sales terminal. Item codes can be scanned or entered - or search for descriptions of items. Pricing uses the same webERP functionality, so if a customer other than the default cash customer is selected the sale can be put to their account using their normal webERP pricing. Any of the payment methods defined in webERP can be used and payment methods defined as cash will calculate the amount of change due to the customer to display to the check-out operator. An end of day reconcilation of all media types is available. All sales created can be sent back to the host webERP installation, but a continuous connection to the webERP host is not required. Using this system together with webERP turns the system into a completely integrated Retail Management Solution - any number stores with any number of "lanes" can be installed, all linking back to to a single webERP installation.

webSHOP also By Phil Daintree

A completely integrated webSHOP which is administered inside webERP from version 4.11 on. The webERP sales categories functionality is used to determine the items that are listed for sale in webSHOP. Customer registration process creates a customer login in webERP. Customers can pay by PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.


This wiki software is fast and light-weight in terms of resource usage and it integrates well with webERP. Together with webERP a wiki forms the basis of a business knowledge base. Wiki software allows the business to author it's own on-line manuals for systems and processes, to document issues around products, customers and suppliers. Integrating this with the structure provided by webERP provides a very powerful business documentation to keep the information ordered and accessible to those in the business who need it and must update it.

Originally a fork of wakka wiki, wacko wiki has evolved into one of the more functional systems with a powerful syntax for formatting pages. To maximise the value of a webERP installation this wiki is highly recommended. The naming of it belies it's power as a serious business tool

Like webERP it WackoWiki free software (BSD License)